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Newburgh, ME 04444
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Dear Friends of Nutkin Knoll Farm,

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our tenth annual holiday products website. We are a small family farm in Maine. We grow quality Christmas trees, craft Balsam Fir wreaths and other fragrant Balsam holiday products, and produce pure Maine Maple Syrup. Our products grace customers' homes and tables throughout out the Nation.

Special thanks to all who have played a role our last ten years -- your encouragement , critiques, enthusiasm and loyalty have been our sustenance. From the first X-mas trees we planted 14 years ago when Wesley was 6 months old. to this spring's start of the 2nd tree rotation and our burly 8th grade young man, the years have been richly rewarding. We're still the same small farm in Maine, but now have daughter Kelsey, the X-mas tree fields ever more fully planted and sheared, the sugar bush more intensely thinned and "Tubed" and hints of gray peppering our heads.

The annual "reflections of the year on the farm" follows. Weather vagarities were much less compared with last year. Spring's excellent "sapping" season and tree planting weather began a lush growing season. Our grapes, peaches, apples and forest tree seeds were exceptionally productive. Summer veggie gardens and cut flower business and winter's woods harvests continue to thrive. And now, November's first week's four snowfalls and nightly teens temps promise a seasonable start of winter.

Summer's new driveway pavement re-energized scooters, bike and pogoing activities. Customers won't miss the muddy dooryard. Kelsey tends her hens and rooster. Her reading, writing, math and front teeth have all erupted overnight! Wes mowed tree aisles and basal pruned 2,500 trees for his summer work. Bike racing, skiing and schoolwork are his passions. A long planned two-week Costa Rica visit exceeded expectations for our Spanish skills, cultural attraction and tropical sights. A full moon rise at a deserted Pacific beach is hard to top! Good friends, health and family underpin it all -- we are very fortunate. Wishing you and your family all the best.

Dedicated to Mother
Marian Tompkins Krakow
August 1, 1918 - January 30, 2002

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Member of Captain Jack's Christmas Tree Farm Network
Member of Captain Jack's
Christmas Tree Farm Network