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1. Decorated Balsam Wreath

1A. A handmade, fresh Balsam Fir wreath. Traditional Downeast style, double faced, 23" diameter. A lovely complement for standard door, wall, fence or car grill. Decorated with 6 natural cones, red berries and a large red velveteen bow. Our most popular item. $25

1B. Blueberries and a French Blue velveteen bow adorn a Balsam wreath (as above) in a popular variation. $25
   *Two or more wreaths to same address $22

1C. Large Balsam wreath, 36" diameter, "Barn Wreath" sized $45

2.Wreath and Maple Syrup

2A. Balsam wreath (23" as above) shipped with a pint of nature's finest-Grade A Maine Maple Syrup from our sugarbush trees. A favorite gift! $34

2B. Syrup alone: pint $8

2C. Syrup alone: quart $13

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